Saturday, February 28, 2009

the baby book

baby animals are so cute.

ive written a few things in it and added the ultrasound pictures.

ive not felt like blogging

heres the last ultrasound pictures i got though. they are really pretty terrible. there was a doctor in training (or something) in the office with me and the doctor and actually, this new doctor lady did everything. she couldnt find the babies heartbeat so she did an ultrasound to make sure the baby was actually still there. it was, i saw its heart beating. she was really no good at all at doing the ultrasound. she couldnt get a steady image of it but the few seconds that she did, i saw its little arms waving around. because ive been so nauseous but didnt want to get a prescription for it they scheduled me to come back in two weeks, i guess to check up on me, make sure it wasnt getting worse or that i was loosing too much weight or anything. so this coming tuesday i go in again. im seeing my regular doctor this time so im pretty sure i'll be able to hear the heartbeat this time. a new picture would be nice too but we'll see.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

bear with me...

since ive seemingly lost my blogging desires but at the same time dont want to abandon this thing altogether i thought well..mahzwell turn this badboy into a pregnancy blog of sorts. so as long as my interest holds i'll be updating this site with everything and anything relating to the little thing growing in my uterus. you all already got the big announcement of my pregnancy so i suppose the next logical post would be to update you on the happenings since then. as of today, i am 10 weeks along. ive been sick. super sick. barfing like a fucking barf-face. ive also lost at least 2lbs. my boobs have yet to really show any signs of growing except for the week or so when they were more sore than you could imagine. i had my first doctors appointment about 2 weeks ago and got my first picture of the baby.

this coming tuesday i'll have another doctor appointment where i'll be able to hear its heartbeat for the first time, and i'll most likely come home with another ultrasound picture. baby is looking a lot more like a baby these days from what ive been reading so we'll see how the next picture turns out. oh! ive also started taking some belly photos. this first one was taken at 5 weeks, right around the time i found out i was pregnant.

and this next one was taken today. it sort of looks like im already showing but let me just tell you...that burrito i ate yesterday has done some damage. being pregnant means my digestion has slowed and all my muscles are a lot more relaxed than usual. that bulge is full of burrito, valentines day candies, and even a krispy kreme donut. not much baby.

maybe i should start taking some from this side so i can document the changes in my tattoo? im thinking (and hoping) that it wont be affected too much.

i ordered a baby book last week..i know its a little early but fuck it. i wanted somewhere to keep the ultrasound pictures and stuff. its yellow and green and has baby animals and kites and balloons and it is super cute.
that is all the updates i have for now...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

jam of the day~

i miss 80s night so badly :/

A little respect - Erasure

*alright for some reason no matter what i do i cant get this song to play. if you click on the song title though it'll take to you to the page and it plays there :]

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

jam of the day~

this group is totally underrated.

Every Little Thing I Do - Soul For Real

as is quite obvious, ive been slacking in the blogging department. im kind of losing interest i think? i dunno i was offline for almost a whole week and i just havent really felt like getting back into the swing of things. heartbreaking, i know.

Monday, February 2, 2009

dun dun dunnnn

ok ok, i guess im finally ready to announce this to the whole world. i am totally going to have a baby. wild, i know. so yup, this is the life changing news i mentioned last month. it also explains why ive been feeling like absolute shit for the past few weeks. ive yet to tell my father and grandmother so if you actually know me in real life, keep your mouth fucking shut! at least for another week or so :]
look at the little cute

pregnancy calendar

jam of the day~

monday morning and im feeling a bit better.

Take a Look at My Girlfriend - Supertramp