Friday, October 31, 2008

i love thom

happy halloween, or whatever.
thom is my buddy. i love him. he lives in san fran now so were on aim a lot together. thom is the best. he is the ms paint master. look at all the things he made for me!


bunneh with a mustache

bunnehvamp :]

so cute. i know.
maybe i should wait to post this, but i cant. thom was wearing his costume at work so he drew me a picture of himself. thomvader, the hipster darth vader.

yay for thom! haha.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

ooh. vibey.

weve got 2 different types of weed right now. one is crumbly. both taste good but i think i prefer the other. next time im around my camera cord i'll upload some photos. yay!

wait! halloween cuteness.

*image thanks to ffffound.

in other news...

the past two nights ive been having shitty sleep. waking up in the middle of the night. tossing and turning. not fun.
this guy that delivers materials to my shop called after he left today and asked me out. i said no.
its rainy. next comes muggy.
im talking to micah via aim!
tomorrow is halloween. if all goes well i will be spending my night as a medical marijuana nurse. stoked!
last night keli smashed my toe with a heavy metal chair. trying to lift it off my foot, he dragged it across my toe, resulting in a nice chunk of skin flapping around.
the intense pain and blood (blood never grossed me out before, wtf!?) made me feel like i was going to puke. cuddled with the toilet bowl for about 15 minutes.
thats it.

*again, i dont know the exact source of this image. im sorry! pretty sure i found it here though.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


im just gonna come right out and say it. beeline is the bomb diggity. seriously, do you know how nasty butane/lighter fumes are? smoking with beeline solves that little problem. beeline is hemp string coated in beeswax. 100% organic. flavor savor,earth saver, toxin free, and waterproof! really cant get any better than that.
beeline is sold in some smoke shops around the country but your best bet on getting some of this brilliance is by ordering online at their website.

check out their myspace here and their main website here

ive been smoking with beeline for over a year now and ive turned sooooo many people on to it. honestly, smoking without beeline is no fun. it might not look like im enjoying myself but ohhhh, i am.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

searching for old photos

make em say uhhh

na na na na
master p on the brain this morning, dont know why, but i'll take it :]

plaid is all popular these days, and with good reason. plaid + flannel = tops.
back in like...2000 or so i lived in flannel jackets. i was going through what i called my 'hippie lumberjack' phase. i know those two things sound contradicting but trust me, it worked. flannel and a little flower in my hair. ah, i miss it so. and these heels!

they remind me of a pair of platforms that lizzy had.
speaking of lizzy, someone could probably make an entire blog dedicated to lizzys style. cutie mccuterson, that one.
and thennnn
as you can see i was checkin out dan weaverzz oh so fabulous party pictures and i spied this cuteface. dunno who he is but hai!

im pretty sure i have pictures of me back in my hippie lumberjack days but finding them would require me to go though about 900 photobucket pages and dig through the load of shit at home. so....maybe i'll do that later.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

i exploded today.

and it was sad.

now i'll probably throw up.
and i cant really see anything.

so no pictures of the weed. next time.
on a brighter note, i have re-realized how much i love smoking alone. i want to start doing it a lot more often again. but im rarely alone anymore. and that makes me sad.

full circle.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

this is my simple religion.

This is my simple religion.
There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy.
Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.

Dalai Lama, 1935 - -now.

look what i drew last night


i dunno, i think this is cute
not for everyday
and not the poses
actually maybe i just want to wear this for halloween as a half-ass cutie indian.

and speaking of, ninjaintherun k has a bunch of especially cute outfits.

Friday, October 24, 2008

off to a great start?

blackberry + driving + hawaii =

i have the worst memory ever.

re-upped last night. this time we got some diesel. or wait, was that what we had last time? i totally forgot to photograph/write about that. i do remember that it wasnt as good as the sweet & sour stuff we had the time before. the nugs were anyway, i'll defintely get some pictures of our new buds.

question: why does work have to be so incredible loooooong and painfully (literally) boring?

winner receives an oatmeal raisin nut cookie.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

today, so far.

you wouldnt believe the trouble i went through just to crop this stupid image. apparently im 'ms paint' illiterate. thom made one too!

clearly we havent mastered the virtual splatter paint technique, but im sure were going to have a lot of practice.

in other news, i drank my first full can of monster today. and i liked it.
.99 trail mix is brilliant. trail mix all day errrrrrday.

i end so many posts talking about trail mix...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

latte in hand

wednesday morning at work
blue jeans yellow vneck slippers
hair looks like shit

got negative test results last night, which is a positive.

i have an oatcake waiting for me.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

blog, revisited.

this is a blog entry i made on myspace almost 2 years ago:

December 27, 2006 - Wednesday

i've got it

so this is my 5 year plan. and its very important to me.

present - year and a half from now : work on getting healthy, gaining some weight, finish up school.

after that : get pregnant. whoo!

after that : do daycare in my home so im able to stay home with my little baby and also earn some money at the same time. i should have my associates in early childhood education by then so that will help a lot. convince my lover about this...

a lot has changed since then, yet this is all still very important to me. first, i somehow royally fucked up the relationship i was in while this was written. the 'lover' i spoke of, god, he was awesome. it was one of the best, most happiest relationships i had been in. then i fucked it up. so yeah, i got a little side tracked. my health definetly hasnt improved as much as i'd have liked it to. actually there were some ups and down in that area. i have not finished my school yet, which is sort of sad but im close, i promise!
actually a lot of negative shit has gone on in my life in the almost 2 years since i wrote that, a lot of things that i dont feel publicly sharing.
on a brighter note, ive got a new boyfriend now and we make each other happy :] there is an age difference between us that sometimes concerns me but im trying to just go with the flow. i dont know if this makes me scared or more like 'whatever', but i have no idea what my future holds for me.

Monday, October 20, 2008


that gets the award for THE gayest blog title ever.
im watching the tyra banks show and um tyra looks like...a shitty barbie doll. just sayin.
so, pictures! i haz them.
this here is a joint. noticed the ash was long, the boy decided to see how long we could get it. why? no idea.

hooray weed!

as im doing this, im also twittering! if you dont use twitter, you probably should. its kind of fun. and addicting. perfect:] you can follow me by clicking here!

speaking of me (hah), here i am, or here i was, on saturday evening

should i go heat up a chicken pot pie? im hungry. munchies, of course. blah @dishes though.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

just what i need.

i love etsy. i think its more dangerous than ebay. there are a gazillion things i want! im in love with this girls artwork. she even makes mini images and sells them as necklaces.

you can find lots more from her here.

speaking of etsy, i just bought another item from local designer la pistil. i hope it looks as cute on me :]

a little room in my head.

me: sunflower seeds<3twix<3
me: wine<3
me: joint<3
me: lol
dom: lol
dom: i am not smoking tonight
dom: i am just
dom: not
me: LOL
me: right.

slept till 1ish, internet-ed, video gamed, stopped by starbucks - saw tabitha! looking so cute.
oat cake & hazelnut latte = yum.

*stupid me forgets where i found this awesome image, but i think its from here.

silly food art

~waste more time here~

Saturday, October 18, 2008

saturday night.

im drinking wine and i went to the mall today. bizzaro...

Friday, October 17, 2008


awwww. so i really miss zeus right now. all the time but especially right now. he was my friend/ex bf's roommates dog. haha, got that? he is incredible. you have to know him to understand. so awesome.

dun dun dun

live blogging from the garage. woohoo. passing the z.o.b around, which im extra stoked about because its been m.i.a for a week or so. ok here are those pictures i promised! the weed were smoking:

aaaand one more:

ok whoa im totally distracted right now...the current conversation is about i.u.d' know...birth control. hmm ok. oh! my new ring :]

im eating trail mix again. i swear i could live off trail mix alone.


i've had that google 'adsense' nonsense on this blog for months now and every so often i'll think about it and how i havent made any money. i then realize that i actually have no understanding of how adsense works or how i even set it up to begin with. then i forget all about it. thank god thom does this shit for a living because today i decided that i was going to straighten this junk out and hopefully make some money. so thank you thank you thank you again thommmmm my lover. btw this picture is kind of awesome. 2 of my favorite people in one polaroid photo looking gayer than possible.

i obviously still havent gotten around to uploading the pictures of my new ring or weed yet. tonight, tonight i am going to do it.
and ummmm i need to be better at writing.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

i heart art.

everyone should go thank martha for turning me on to this artist. her name is Sylvia Ji and she makes some damn sexy art. i want!


day 3 of me feeling slightly nauseus. its really counter-productive. not that being productive is my main goal but still. maybe all those hazelnut lattes are to blame? god i really hope not, i love them so. aaaanyway on to some weed related things. turns out that 'no name' weed i posted about a couple days ago does indeed have a name. its 'trainwreck somethin..' according to beau. i told him from now on to please relay the names to me for documentation purposes :] picked up some new stuff yesterday afternoon, was too sick and tired last night to upload the photos though so i'll try get to that tonight. hmm what else? i just added a blog counter to the should be interesting to see the hits add up.
im a terrible artist. i'd love to be better at doodling. i have the damnest time drawing the most simple things. marijuana leaves...sigh...too difficult for me, so yesterday i decided to practice. at work. i'll let you know when i've got it down :]

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


i'll probably love audrey kawasaki forever.

pretty pictures lead to pretty dreams perhaps?

Monday, October 13, 2008

as promised.

so im smoking a bowl of roaches to send me off to bed. and to do this. this weekend was really awesome. i was looking forward to this weekend partly because it was a 3 day weekend and i kinda just had this feeling like it was gonna be good. i just felt really happy all weekend. knock on wood...i'd like this feeling to stay. maybe those new buds are partially to blame. or they should be credited, rather. yesterday me and kel decided to shoot the loop (drive through lanikai). one joint for the drive and another for this spot. anyone from the windward side knows this spot :]

we ate shave ice at the park and then got pizza on the way home. how freaking perfect?
xbox, joints, magazines, internet, joints, kisses, joints, etc. filled the rest of the night. slept in today and just enjoyed feeling so happy. i got a ring off ebay the other day. i love it. its silver. got a giant marijuana leaf on it. i'll have to post a picture sometime. definitely gonna go enjoy the rest of my xxx vitamin water and fruit&nut bars. t-t-f-n.

real quick~

ok im bored, but not in the writing mood so here are a couple pictures of what i'm smoking these days. its got no name and it smells sweet & sour. yumz. i'll post more later.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


i took these last week as i was driving over the h3. they arent the best quality obviously. doesnt even come close to how pretty it is in real life.

and this one was taken after i got through the tunnels. town sideee.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

if you smoke like i smoke...

then youre high like everyday. smoking as i type! weeeeee! i wonder what it would be like if the whole country got high for like a month. im thinkin everybody would be feeling like this: