Monday, October 20, 2008


that gets the award for THE gayest blog title ever.
im watching the tyra banks show and um tyra looks like...a shitty barbie doll. just sayin.
so, pictures! i haz them.
this here is a joint. noticed the ash was long, the boy decided to see how long we could get it. why? no idea.

hooray weed!

as im doing this, im also twittering! if you dont use twitter, you probably should. its kind of fun. and addicting. perfect:] you can follow me by clicking here!

speaking of me (hah), here i am, or here i was, on saturday evening

should i go heat up a chicken pot pie? im hungry. munchies, of course. blah @dishes though.


  1. pot pie? ahahahha
    i miss youuu

  2. i <3 tyra banks. her show anyways.

    I think it is kind of funny that I havent had the internet for a few days and I have missed so many entries that I am actually commenting on them all.

    I just have something to say about each one!

    im high 8-)