Friday, October 17, 2008


i've had that google 'adsense' nonsense on this blog for months now and every so often i'll think about it and how i havent made any money. i then realize that i actually have no understanding of how adsense works or how i even set it up to begin with. then i forget all about it. thank god thom does this shit for a living because today i decided that i was going to straighten this junk out and hopefully make some money. so thank you thank you thank you again thommmmm my lover. btw this picture is kind of awesome. 2 of my favorite people in one polaroid photo looking gayer than possible.

i obviously still havent gotten around to uploading the pictures of my new ring or weed yet. tonight, tonight i am going to do it.
and ummmm i need to be better at writing.

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