Thursday, October 30, 2008

in other news...

the past two nights ive been having shitty sleep. waking up in the middle of the night. tossing and turning. not fun.
this guy that delivers materials to my shop called after he left today and asked me out. i said no.
its rainy. next comes muggy.
im talking to micah via aim!
tomorrow is halloween. if all goes well i will be spending my night as a medical marijuana nurse. stoked!
last night keli smashed my toe with a heavy metal chair. trying to lift it off my foot, he dragged it across my toe, resulting in a nice chunk of skin flapping around.
the intense pain and blood (blood never grossed me out before, wtf!?) made me feel like i was going to puke. cuddled with the toilet bowl for about 15 minutes.
thats it.

*again, i dont know the exact source of this image. im sorry! pretty sure i found it here though.

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