Tuesday, October 28, 2008

make em say uhhh

na na na na
master p on the brain this morning, dont know why, but i'll take it :]

plaid is all popular these days, and with good reason. plaid + flannel = tops.
back in like...2000 or so i lived in flannel jackets. i was going through what i called my 'hippie lumberjack' phase. i know those two things sound contradicting but trust me, it worked. flannel and a little flower in my hair. ah, i miss it so. and these heels!

they remind me of a pair of platforms that lizzy had.
speaking of lizzy, someone could probably make an entire blog dedicated to lizzys style. cutie mccuterson, that one.
and thennnn
as you can see i was checkin out dan weaverzz oh so fabulous party pictures and i spied this cuteface. dunno who he is but hai!

im pretty sure i have pictures of me back in my hippie lumberjack days but finding them would require me to go though about 900 photobucket pages and dig through the load of shit at home. so....maybe i'll do that later.

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  1. I am very anal about my photobucket account. Every single photo needs to be in a certain catigory. If there isn't an appropriate one, I make one, even if its for only one picture. Get stoned one day and organize your photobucket! Thats what I did one day!