Thursday, October 16, 2008


day 3 of me feeling slightly nauseus. its really counter-productive. not that being productive is my main goal but still. maybe all those hazelnut lattes are to blame? god i really hope not, i love them so. aaaanyway on to some weed related things. turns out that 'no name' weed i posted about a couple days ago does indeed have a name. its 'trainwreck somethin..' according to beau. i told him from now on to please relay the names to me for documentation purposes :] picked up some new stuff yesterday afternoon, was too sick and tired last night to upload the photos though so i'll try get to that tonight. hmm what else? i just added a blog counter to the should be interesting to see the hits add up.
im a terrible artist. i'd love to be better at doodling. i have the damnest time drawing the most simple things. marijuana leaves...sigh...too difficult for me, so yesterday i decided to practice. at work. i'll let you know when i've got it down :]

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