Tuesday, May 26, 2009


this little fricker is going to need a name. coming up with and choosing a name is definitely HARD. what makes it worse is when i actually think of a possible name, 9 times out of 10, the boyfriend doesnt like it. like, at all. anyway, heres a list of possibilities, in no particular order. i'll add and subtract some names as they come to me...

-wren - bf hates this one, says its like ren and stimpy.
-lake - surprise surprise, he doesnt like this one either.
-olive - the bf said 'no olives!' he hates olives, the freak...
-reagan - the bf likes it!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

brace yourself...

for 30 freaking ultrasound pictures! ok maybe i wont post all 30...
seeing the specialist today was pretty awesome. her kidneys look completely fine, and the scar tissue or whatever it was is now just like a minor wrinkle and will almost definitely go away even more as my uterus grows. woohoo!

ok, starting with the regular style ultrasound images

heres one of the creepy looking ones

a foot

profile of her face, plus her body and an arm

another profile. the protrusion above her head on my uterus is the 'wrinkle' that will smooth out

bottom view of her 'girl parts'

ok, now the cool ones.

umbilical cord going across the wrist and under her chin

another look at her girl parts


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

more beachness

im 6 months pregnant. whoa.

i soooo do not feel like blogging. i dont know why. maybe i'll make a list of pregnancy woes.
-leg/feet cramps that wake me up in the middle of the night. sometimes in both legs at once.
-baby continuously kicking my bladder, and everything else.
-muscles i didnt even know i had in my groin area being painfully sore. wanna roll over? ouch. wanna move my leg? ouch. wanna do anything? yeah, ouch.
-heartburn! got it for the first time the other night, thought i was gonna die.
-having to pee alllll the time.
-my boobs are bigger. quit looking!

ok thats not very many things, im probably forgetting a bunch. or im just a wuss.

appointment with the specialist got pushed up to tomorrow, so im pretty excited about that. another ultrasound plus hopefully some answers is definitely something to look forward to. oh and i get to leave work at 11 :]

me and the baby went to check shit out at the beach after work today. look how small the belly looks in this picture!

Friday, May 1, 2009

not what i wanted to hear...

yesterday at my doctors appointment i found out that there may be some complications with the babys kidneys as well as my uterus. grrrrreat. apparently during the ultrasound 2 weeks ago they discovered that her kidneys may be partially obstructed. what that exactly means, im not sure. i looked up some things online and it seems that it may mean there is a narrowing or a kink in the area that drains urine from her kidneys. my doctor said they couldnt tell for sure, and that shes not worried and i shouldnt either. how do i not worry? she said it looked borderline, that there was just a chance the kidneys were obstructed and that if they are, it often 'clears itself up' by the time i deliver. either way, i have an appointment to see a specialist to do another ultrasound on may 22nd. and then, my uterus...apparently i have a band of scar tissue. normally that would mean that its very difficult to get pregnant, obviously i did. then, i guess depending on how its attatched and where, to my uterus it can prevent the uterus from growing and stretching to accomodate the baby. because im already 20.5 weeks and havent had any problems it seems it hasnt done any of that, so thats really good news. but it does mean that i now have a slightly higher risk of needing a c-section to deliver.
ive gained 7lbs in the past month, but because i lost so much weight from being sick in the begining its only a total of 3lbs weight gain for the entire pregnancy but my doctor said that its perfect and everything looks fine. the hearbeat is fine, i feel her moving around a lot, all the other organs and growth rates looked normal.

i know this isnt the worst news i could have gotten back so im trying not to stress over it too much, im sure everything will work out fine in the end.