Tuesday, May 19, 2009

im 6 months pregnant. whoa.

i soooo do not feel like blogging. i dont know why. maybe i'll make a list of pregnancy woes.
-leg/feet cramps that wake me up in the middle of the night. sometimes in both legs at once.
-baby continuously kicking my bladder, and everything else.
-muscles i didnt even know i had in my groin area being painfully sore. wanna roll over? ouch. wanna move my leg? ouch. wanna do anything? yeah, ouch.
-heartburn! got it for the first time the other night, thought i was gonna die.
-having to pee alllll the time.
-my boobs are bigger. quit looking!

ok thats not very many things, im probably forgetting a bunch. or im just a wuss.

appointment with the specialist got pushed up to tomorrow, so im pretty excited about that. another ultrasound plus hopefully some answers is definitely something to look forward to. oh and i get to leave work at 11 :]

me and the baby went to check shit out at the beach after work today. look how small the belly looks in this picture!

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  1. Well hopefully soon you will get back into the swing of blogging! Miss you!