Friday, September 26, 2008

no one i think is in my tree.

soooo here we are again. blogging. currently im sitting on kels bed waiting for him to get out of the shower (as usual). i just resized some pictures so yay can post them now. tonight is some guys birthday so apparently im heading to his house in kahalu'u later for a little bbq thingy. this is birthday boys dog, rock boy. but i call him little turdface.

hes a cute little shit. i want to crush him and then eat him.
today during my lunch break i went to the bank. finished my cigarette under these trees. so fucking pretty.

mmm cant wait to hit this bad boy up. im such a weed fiend.

ok kel just got out of the shower. im so bad, my computer totally gets way more attention than any human being. speaking of me, here i am.

if i dont get off the computer now im going to lose keli to 'oblivion'. which sucks. so im outta here.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

sunday, bloody sunday

so on saturday me and kel went to pipeline, only to find that theyre open from sunrise-noon on saturdays. shitty deals. holy smokes is just down the road so we headed there. higher prices, better hours. keli picked out a nice new 'tobacco water pipe'. its a z.o.b which i believe stands for zion of belief. i didnt really get any good pictures of it yet but its pretty fancy.
she purrs. literally. the sound of this bong being cleared is beautiful. hits like a champ too. oh and we also picked up some more papers, nothing special this time. just some zig zags, orange pack :] late this afternoon we all headed to the beach for a couple hours. smoked a little joint when we got there, big thanks to bryson for that one. got a quick picture with my blackberry...
friday was rainy like a motherfuck but today was beautiful. hawaii is awesome. ohhh and last weekend was a little rainy too and while we were bbq-ing(again) we noticed these little mushroomies growing. cute little guys.
and thats about it. im home early tonight, might go to bed early too.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


wow, im too tired to blog. ive been feeling reeeeally exhausted lately and it sucks. a lot. im not really sure how to fix this because im pretty sure i get an adequate amount of sleep. this picture is pretty much unrelated. goodnight :]

Sunday, September 7, 2008

and the name of the game is...

silver star kush is what were smoking right now. i pretty much like it a lot. its a really good high. i get the munchies as usual, but wayyyy less than with other weed. and it doesnt make you really sleepy either. just, nice. :] here are a couple shots of the kush and one of it in action. oh and a bonus shot of kel's cat, ichabod. shes fat. mmm just ate a bagel and cream cheese and these new cherry m&ms. super delicious.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

its my party and i'll smoke if i want to~

im not actually having a party, although today is my birthday. woohoo! we slept till about 230 this afternoon. this room is like a cave, i swear its near impossible to wake up here. we managed to make it outside to smoke a fatty spliff rolled in yummy raspberry papers. this is the view we not gonna lie, i'm pretty fucking lucky. then we hit up ihop. 3 pancakes with chocolate chips sprinkled on top, boysenberry and strawberry syrup. so good. had to stop in at the pet store, they had so many animals it was ridiculous. super cute puppies and apparently theyve got this 'skinny pig' breeding program going on. which is just them interbreeding regular guinea pigs with furless ones, and possibly rats. i dont know, they were sorta cute but mostly creepy. im wondering how healthy it is also.
anyway...this wasnt much of a weed post, sorry. im currently waiting for keli to get out of the shower so we can smoke again. spliff or bong, i wonder what it'll be...