Friday, September 26, 2008

no one i think is in my tree.

soooo here we are again. blogging. currently im sitting on kels bed waiting for him to get out of the shower (as usual). i just resized some pictures so yay can post them now. tonight is some guys birthday so apparently im heading to his house in kahalu'u later for a little bbq thingy. this is birthday boys dog, rock boy. but i call him little turdface.

hes a cute little shit. i want to crush him and then eat him.
today during my lunch break i went to the bank. finished my cigarette under these trees. so fucking pretty.

mmm cant wait to hit this bad boy up. im such a weed fiend.

ok kel just got out of the shower. im so bad, my computer totally gets way more attention than any human being. speaking of me, here i am.

if i dont get off the computer now im going to lose keli to 'oblivion'. which sucks. so im outta here.

1 comment:

  1. ahahahah oblivionn, weeeernst.
    aw little turdface
    im a weeeed fiend too dont tripppp, let herrrr riiiipp!!!