Saturday, September 6, 2008

its my party and i'll smoke if i want to~

im not actually having a party, although today is my birthday. woohoo! we slept till about 230 this afternoon. this room is like a cave, i swear its near impossible to wake up here. we managed to make it outside to smoke a fatty spliff rolled in yummy raspberry papers. this is the view we not gonna lie, i'm pretty fucking lucky. then we hit up ihop. 3 pancakes with chocolate chips sprinkled on top, boysenberry and strawberry syrup. so good. had to stop in at the pet store, they had so many animals it was ridiculous. super cute puppies and apparently theyve got this 'skinny pig' breeding program going on. which is just them interbreeding regular guinea pigs with furless ones, and possibly rats. i dont know, they were sorta cute but mostly creepy. im wondering how healthy it is also.
anyway...this wasnt much of a weed post, sorry. im currently waiting for keli to get out of the shower so we can smoke again. spliff or bong, i wonder what it'll be...

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