Sunday, September 21, 2008

sunday, bloody sunday

so on saturday me and kel went to pipeline, only to find that theyre open from sunrise-noon on saturdays. shitty deals. holy smokes is just down the road so we headed there. higher prices, better hours. keli picked out a nice new 'tobacco water pipe'. its a z.o.b which i believe stands for zion of belief. i didnt really get any good pictures of it yet but its pretty fancy.
she purrs. literally. the sound of this bong being cleared is beautiful. hits like a champ too. oh and we also picked up some more papers, nothing special this time. just some zig zags, orange pack :] late this afternoon we all headed to the beach for a couple hours. smoked a little joint when we got there, big thanks to bryson for that one. got a quick picture with my blackberry...
friday was rainy like a motherfuck but today was beautiful. hawaii is awesome. ohhh and last weekend was a little rainy too and while we were bbq-ing(again) we noticed these little mushroomies growing. cute little guys.
and thats about it. im home early tonight, might go to bed early too.

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