Tuesday, May 26, 2009


this little fricker is going to need a name. coming up with and choosing a name is definitely HARD. what makes it worse is when i actually think of a possible name, 9 times out of 10, the boyfriend doesnt like it. like, at all. anyway, heres a list of possibilities, in no particular order. i'll add and subtract some names as they come to me...

-wren - bf hates this one, says its like ren and stimpy.
-lake - surprise surprise, he doesnt like this one either.
-olive - the bf said 'no olives!' he hates olives, the freak...
-reagan - the bf likes it!!


  1. I like Remy...I used to have that on my list when I was younger. I also like Charlie.

  2. I know a girl named ryan, she was a huge whore. I suggest AGAINST that one =)

    Did you check out the website for ResidentSea? There was a whole documentary about it on the travel channel. If you get that, you should check it out! Also, you can check out this place I used to get stoned at and eat - It's on travel channel on demand. It's the #2 place in the world to pig out, and it was on Anthony Bordain No Reservations in the boston episode.

    The documentary about the crazy boat city was called ResidentSea. Im sure the videos are somewhere online. Do you know if sweet misery is online anywhere?

    Good to hear from you!