Monday, October 13, 2008

as promised.

so im smoking a bowl of roaches to send me off to bed. and to do this. this weekend was really awesome. i was looking forward to this weekend partly because it was a 3 day weekend and i kinda just had this feeling like it was gonna be good. i just felt really happy all weekend. knock on wood...i'd like this feeling to stay. maybe those new buds are partially to blame. or they should be credited, rather. yesterday me and kel decided to shoot the loop (drive through lanikai). one joint for the drive and another for this spot. anyone from the windward side knows this spot :]

we ate shave ice at the park and then got pizza on the way home. how freaking perfect?
xbox, joints, magazines, internet, joints, kisses, joints, etc. filled the rest of the night. slept in today and just enjoyed feeling so happy. i got a ring off ebay the other day. i love it. its silver. got a giant marijuana leaf on it. i'll have to post a picture sometime. definitely gonna go enjoy the rest of my xxx vitamin water and fruit&nut bars. t-t-f-n.

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  1. I am so jealous that you live in hawaii. Whats it like there? It must be amazing. and the places to smoke? must be insane.

    Do you guys have public transportation there? Or do you need a car to get by? Or is everything within walking distance? I have so many questions!