Tuesday, October 21, 2008

blog, revisited.

this is a blog entry i made on myspace almost 2 years ago:

December 27, 2006 - Wednesday

i've got it

so this is my 5 year plan. and its very important to me.

present - year and a half from now : work on getting healthy, gaining some weight, finish up school.

after that : get pregnant. whoo!

after that : do daycare in my home so im able to stay home with my little baby and also earn some money at the same time. i should have my associates in early childhood education by then so that will help a lot.

now...to convince my lover about this...

a lot has changed since then, yet this is all still very important to me. first, i somehow royally fucked up the relationship i was in while this was written. the 'lover' i spoke of, god, he was awesome. it was one of the best, most happiest relationships i had been in. then i fucked it up. so yeah, i got a little side tracked. my health definetly hasnt improved as much as i'd have liked it to. actually there were some ups and down in that area. i have not finished my school yet, which is sort of sad but im close, i promise!
actually a lot of negative shit has gone on in my life in the almost 2 years since i wrote that, a lot of things that i dont feel publicly sharing.
on a brighter note, ive got a new boyfriend now and we make each other happy :] there is an age difference between us that sometimes concerns me but im trying to just go with the flow. i dont know if this makes me scared or more like 'whatever', but i have no idea what my future holds for me.

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  1. do you have trouble gaining weight too? that is so odd! I cant seem to gain weight ever, even though I constantly have the munchies!

    Whats the age difference?