Saturday, October 4, 2008

most distracting pen ever?

someone lent me this pen. as a pen, it sucks. its too top heavy to write properly and um hello! its so fucking distracting. these rubbery little bumps are like crack. i cannot stop rubbing my fingers over them.they have power over me. one of my younger sisters had a tongue ring that was a small ball made out of this material. i dont know how she didnt become a slave to it. anyway, i kinda love it.


  1. Awe, Im glad someone reads enough to be excited about change and updates! And I am pretty psyched to have someone else helping out with my new buds project.

    And, silver star kush (a few entries down)

    I havent tried that yet, but I want to.

    And yes, that pen looks like hell.

  2. i had pens like this through high school and the last thing i did was write in class

  3. I have no idea how to reply to just your comment, instead of commenting my own page, so I am going to do it this way. Haha. but yeah, I have a laptop, which is infested with viruses. I dont want to plug my camera into that thing! besides, it runs SO slow.

    I had been using my boyfriends computer, up until a few days ago when it decided it didnt want to turn on ever again. so, I am basically waiting for us to get a new computer, things would be so much easier that way! I am thinking about buying myself a laptop this week, though.

    But, it looks like I have thought of an idea to keep it all on one blog, but have it seperate, that just might take a little while for me to get that finished.

    Come check later! I hope I will have made progress!