Monday, March 9, 2009

death vomit.

maybe once a month im able to write. other times nothing comes to me. i feel like a moron.
im still sick everyday. im getting pretty convinced im carrying a little devil baby, horns and all. which josh just pointed out to me will hurt the bitchload to deliver. great. anyway i finally caved in and called the doctor this morning so they could call in a prescription for some anti-nausea medication. i guess insurances dont like to cover this particular one so it may cost me the assfuck. theres another brand or something they can prescribe that will be covered by insurance but its not recommended as much? dunno that i really want to take it so we'll see.
yesterday was one of those days were i felt thisclose to barfing the entire day. only puked a total of 5 or 6 times but that meant i basically couldnt keep anything down. not a pretzel and a juice box, not a fruit popsicle, not one waffle with syrup. apparently if i have a few more days like that the doctor said i'll have to go to the emergency room and get an iv. which just costs more money but hey at least i'll be able to skip work!
holy hell i just found this picture on google images. perfection.

in other news, led zeppelin is currently playing on the ipod. me and the boy are house/cat/fish-sitting for a week, maybe two. its sorta like staying in a hotel, even though ive housesat at this particular place before. theres even a pool but its way to cold to consider going in. we even went food shopping together for the first time. i like doing things like that and having my own little home...only a few more months hopefully till we get our own place. i belong on my own, not living with someones family. ok enough blah blah blah-ing for now.

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