Tuesday, March 10, 2009

not for i.

i have NEVER been a fan of weddings. i avoid them at all costs. in fact, i havent been to one ever, not even my close family weddings. ok thats a lie, when i was maybe 2 years old me and a friend were flower girls in someones wedding. apparently i was not a happy camper. so yes, i dont like weddings. i dont want to have one. i dont care if i get legally married or not but i definitely dont want/need a ceremony. i dont feel the need to share something like that with anyone other than my partner. buuuuut, seeing these pictures on another blog has got me reconsidering all that. i still dont think i'd like a wedding or feel comfortable having one but how beautiful and simple is this one?! im dying over the grass and trees, the potluck and the paper cranes. maybe i'll just decorate my future backyard like this year round.


  1. I hate weddings to. I guess the relationships I've been, helped shape this kind of thinking. Before I didn't care, now I know I don't want one unless somebody changes my mind. I also used to do wedding photography and help my dad with his studio. So, guess that the hating also comes from seeing ppl's day of "happiness" over and over seance I can remember. Still, this looks like a simple and really close wedding. I think that's better than throwing a huge wedding and start a life with somebody broke, or leave your parents broke.

  2. Oh man, I sooo agree with you! To City Hall with me! But, for a while I've been thinking that instead of some big ole to-do (which is so freaking cliche, don't people see that?!), I'd love something where a tiny group of our very favorite people just hung out with us on a springy day and just chilled. Let the wine flow. Nothing to get hype about, or anxious. Just fun and love. No suits, no fancy dresses. Bare feet. Happiness. Ahhh, I can see it now...