Sunday, April 5, 2009


last night i decided i wanted to do something outdoors and active today. although i couldnt get keli out of bed till a little after 1pm i decided i wanted to go to temple valley and see the temple. i had only been as a child so it was kind of like going for the first time. there were way too many people there. a tour bus actually came while we were there. dont like that.anyway, picture time.

amida, a golden buddha unique to the entire world. at over 18 feet tall its thought to be the largest figure carved since ancient times. you gotta take your shoes off before you come in...that i like.

figured i probably should get one of me

from the top of the cemetery

i didnt get a picture of the five foot high, three ton brass bell because there was always so many people around it. you strike it with a soft wooden sounds really nice. i also took two polaroids that i'll upload later.


  1. None of the tourists were shirtless, I'm guessing... :P This place is beautiful (and so are you, by the way! ~jealous~ )

    I can't believe it's been so long since I've been over here. I'm loving the baby updates. Yeah, my friend lost weight with her pregnancy too, first time I'd heard of such a thing. Sickness sucks.

    Can't wait to hear the gender!

  2. How cool is that..looks like a killer place. Lucky! Peace.