Friday, April 3, 2009

tattoo baby

summary of doctor appointment on tuesday? im losing weight and most likely malnourished. baby is doing fine and the heartbeat was very loud and strong at 140 beats per minute. the big fail was that i didnt get an ultrasound so i still dont know if this little bastard is a boy or girl. ive got an ultrasound scheduled for the 13th at castle hospital. can i wait another week and half to find out the gender? not really but i guess thats what im doing.
i dont know what came over me yesterday but i ordered one of those at home doppler machines so i can hear the babies heartbeat whenever i damn please. a waste of $50ish dollars? probably. on the bright side, i can apparently upload the audio of the heartbeat to the computer so i shall post that at some point in the near future.
heres my stomach as of last night.

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