Saturday, December 27, 2008

alright, a recap.

okayyyyy lets see, its saturday today. dinner with the fam on christmas eve went well although i basically went all the way out there to eat french fries. christmas morning was good, i got a dustbuster! woohoo! no seriously, it was on my xmas list. went back to kelis and spent the rest of the day/night there. everyone came over in the evening and played the new wii. end scene. friday, i didnt have to work! awesome. slept in a bit a little before 6 me and kel decided to go to the mall to get a soft pretzel, or actually a hot dog on a stick. anyway, its all stormy and shit, were driving around trying to find parking. were under the parking structure thing and all the lights go out. and the radio in the car. ok, powers out. it is hard as fuck to drive in pitch black with the assfuck of people milling about, btw. on the way home we stop at jack in the box because we are still basically starving. we are next in line at the drive thru and guess what? power goes out. like, all of kaneohe. go home, have blackout party. no not really we just slept and smoked and did some of the '420 things to do while youre stoned' from The Official High Times Pot Smoker's Handbook, that i bought keli for christmas. woke up early today due to early bedtime the night before. me and kel went down to the river to smoke a bowl and check things out.

theres this pretty hardcore tree house.

bamboo that looks a lot greener in real life

ok i went a little crazy trying to get a good picture of all the little tadpoles in the water. i just wanna squish em their so cute! some of these happened to come out kinda cool with the leaves in the water and the reflection of leaves above.

some rocks :]

more tadpoles, different part of the river


i was squatting, these is mah boots :]


keli :] one day i'll catch him smiling...

after the river i went to ben franklin to get supplies for kelis half-ass birthday present (his bday is jan 1st). pictures from that in the next post. ta-ta.

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