Sunday, December 28, 2008

good girlfriend day?

so yesterday i got the sudden craft urge. like, i literally jumped in my car and drove to elakes just to hit up ben franklin. i love that place. sometimes i wish i could live in there. since kelis birthday is so close to christmas, and im not a very good gift-giver, i decided i'd make a half ass gift for him. behold, yet another stash jar. ok so the two other jars he has arent really his. both are from beau and one has already been given to bryson so yeah, this isnt the worst gift possible or anything. i filled it with six packs of rolling papers. you really cant ever have too many.

to make this, i shredded tissue paper and then gently painted over the tissue paper with a water/glue mixture i had made. i made a rough cut out of a marijuana leaf to use as a window. love seeing buds inside :]

too bad the weed we have right now doesnt look very pretty. personally, i think the high is pretty good so im not complaining too much. again, no name, but apparently its from cali somewhere.

ok now i really want to go smoke.


  1. seriously!?


    "props" are overrated.

  2. i love these!
    ill trade you a pig for a jar.
    deal? deal.

    tom showed me a picture of your tree tattoo. its really cute.
    the ribs are beastly though!

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