Wednesday, December 10, 2008

my new room

so the other night me and my boyfriend spent the night at my new place for the first time. i really like it there. i have my own stairwell entrance but im now sharing a bathroom with 2 people instead of just 1 other person. anyway here are some half-ass pictures of my room so far. clearly it is still in shambles.
the stairwell i mentioned is under my room, so thats what the big build out thing is. i fucking love it because i looove lofts and this is as close as im getting to one anytime soon. you cant really tell from any of the pictures but there are 2 windows against the wall so i can look out at the road and stuff. its cute.

heres the beginings of the top of the loft thingy. im using it as a bookshelf/display/storage area

smoking up there is fun

gonna watch a movie we downloaded off xbox live now...hope its good.

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