Thursday, December 11, 2008

maybe this should be my favorite animal

sloths have awesome lives. they hang out(pun intended), move really slowly, and grow moss that grows nowhere else in the world! sounds pretty chill to me.
heres an apparently japanese sloth (lol im going to refrain from making any comments on the asian-ness of this. if you know me...haha)

i think this sloth had too much to drink. or hes like fuck it. i aint drinkin this shit. knocked it over in defiance. i like that idea better.

on to some real sloths!

omg how fucking scary is this?! so creepy...looks like it crawls all 'the ring' style.

but wait, the more i look at it now, its getting a little less creepy. i dont know, forget it. i'll leave you with a baby sloth. cause hello all baby things are cute, no matter what it is.

*both sloth illustrations are from ffffound.

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