Tuesday, November 18, 2008


im home sick today so i finally have some time to post the pictures i took over the weekend. we actually woke up at a decent hour, aka before noon, so we decided to go play around in the backyard.
i climbed up on the fence to take this one. its looking down towards the stream.

a wall of my favorite flowers! i'll have to get a close-up one day.

the neighbors have a bunch of dogs, including 2 little puppies. they are so cute! but they dont really venture out into the grass yet.

part of the backyard

hi, i just woke up and it shows.

i will find a 4 leaf clover

we shoot lizards. it makes me sad. kind of.

little bamboo shoots growing :] i know you can barely see them in this picture but theres about 3 of them growing in a row against the wall.

playing with grass, my favorite thing.

the z.o.b in the grass. its got a different bowl in it right now because the downstem broke a few weeks ago. small kine sadface, but its fixable.


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  1. awe! you shoot lizards? is it because there is so many around there? I remember going to florida and there were lizards EVERYWHERE. I have never seen anything like it. around here we just have rats and squirrels everywhere.