Sunday, November 23, 2008

i love this

all throughout elementary and intermediate school i had, and i have to use this word because i cant think of a better one, this frienemy named adele. a million things come to mind when i think of this girl and all that came with her but to sum it up in a word, annoying. one of the lesser-annoying things i remember of adele are her birthday parties. i believe on 2 separate occasions we played this game involving big wads of newspaper. i dont remember the 'rules' to the game or anything but basically i think we just tore away layers of newspaper to find the surprise on the inside. the surprise was usually something simple, but neat. a unique coloring book, a bunch of plastic bracelets, random things like that.
today, when i was stumbling i landed on this page, which is what brought all these memories back.

these surprise balls are basically the same as adeles newspaper wads, only cute!

i think im going to have to make some of these...maybe christmas gifts?


  1. oh weird! those are interesting! I have a few friends that crochet and knit, maybe I can fool them! Sneak an eighth inside hahah.

  2. Dude, TEST. This thing won't let me leave a #%^&@$ comment!

  3. Okay, trying again...thank you, the little yarn ball things are awesome, I will have to try that with my students IF they prove worth it.