Saturday, November 22, 2008


woke up around 230, got out of bed at 3 and went down to the river/stream/whatever. i love this place because its so close :] its been raining for the past day or so, the water was rushing and everything was so pretty.

ok, i know you cant really tell from these photos, but those bumps in the water are HUGE sucker fish! i didnt even realize these were in the water until today.

close up on some moss. super pretty in real life.


oh yeah, we were smoking

my eyes are soooo puffy! too much sleep i think :]

a snail. snaileyface.

look left

look right


mushrooms and coconuts

seaweed-like stuff. grass i guess


the end


  1. sick dude! I wish it were warm enough here to actually go for a leisurely walk haha. I tried to the other day, and my hands were too numb to take any photos =( Looks like you had fun though

  2. so pretty there, and i love these pics of you.