Sunday, November 30, 2008

moving, again?

i am moving this week. i will be closer to my boyfriend and still not too far from work and family. apparently my new room is almost double the size of my current room, has carpet, and an ocean view. kaneohe bay view, actually. also, a private entrance. since i just found out this news i think its finally time i blogged about room design. ive had these pictures saved for awhile now, just waiting till i felt like doing something with them. i think these rooms are beautiful, and i would love live in any and all of them :]

love chalkboard walls

at another of my old houses we painted large black and white checkerboard and neon green walls. prior to that the walls were a bright orange :]

ok i freaking love christmas lights. colored ones, plain ones, whatever. i love them to be used as lighting. i missssss one of my old houses, i had an awesome built in shelving system that i decorated with tiny white chistmas lights and it was just so awesome. this is kind of like an explosion of that. also awesome.

scrabble letters! i love scrabble to death.

and this one is actually a babies room :]

ok, so thats all ive got for now. this week is going to be a little busy, im predicting. i hope it all goes well...
oh! i almost forgot these 2 pictures. they are actually a friend of mines room.

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