Thursday, November 13, 2008

i love you, maryjane

i dont know about you, but i really enjoy seeing and hearing about different strains of weed. and um obviously i like smoking them too :] an aquaintance of mine in california sent me these photos and brief reviews of some of the stuff shes come across while working at medical marijuana clubs in the area. two clubs specifically. one in the san fernando valley area and the other in west l.a. near santa monica, although that one has sadly since shut down. my friend would like to be kept annonymous but just for the record, these descriptions are all direct quotes from her. ok! here we go~

'ak 48 sativa~ definately a pure sativa. a lil harsh but overall strong.'

'bubba kush~~ def. a downer like any indica, but not as dibilitating as og strains'

'bubbaxsour d.~~ not a favorite of mine. i tend to not like crosses, this one was harsh and hit me with a headache'

'emerald~~ a commercial og. not harsh, but not an especially memorable og high. better than any chrons tho'

'grand daddy~~ best purple ever! relatively noexpensive, super smooth, and very debilitating, any purples knock you out. good times, my fav purple strain'

'honey buds~~ will knock you on your ass. i mean completely forgetting the nglish language. they are soaked in oils and keef... yuuum'

'lavender~ a purple so def. a downer. a lil harsher than gdp, but very tasty on the way down.'

'northern lights~ like any hybrid, i dont like the high. stupification fooooor sure haha. but the wrong type...not that high of a feeling but proves more dibilitating than you believe it to be. but can be the best of the organic strains from the right source'

'og push~ not a favortie. i think its actually master kush mixed with purples. dry, and not very tasty'

'pure kush~~ not as tired of a high as ogs. smooth tasting and smells amazing. a lil fluffly tho'

'purple ksuh~ my second purple fav. good strains will be dense and have purple highlights. smooth tasting an completely downer high.'

'purple erkle~~ harsher than the other purples. not as strong pr tasty'

'sage diesel~ HATED IT! a mix of sour diesel and sage... pure sativas with the nastinest element stading out. shitty taste, harsh smoke, and paraniod high'

'skywalker~~THE BEST WEED IN LA!!! soooo smooth and the best og ever!!! i mean like forgetting your name amazing. def not for work or normal sessions! super pricey, but real skywalker shoould be!!'

'strawberry cough~~ nice strong sativa. fruity taste with a super upper high. can be harsh when too dry tho.'

'vader kush~~ reaaaaally harsh. not enjoyable at all. patients who smoked a lot of cigs liked it alot tho. very chemical tasting og strain'

and there you have it. i so wish we had medical marijuana dispensaries here. i am dying to try those honey buds.