Sunday, January 25, 2009

all i do is collect images

which is weird because clothing/appearances have never been very important to me. at all.

these images were found at all the usual places, including a bunch of blogs that i really enjoy.


  1. Hi :)
    Loved this post. You have collected amazing pictures!
    Do you know where are the boots in the second image from?
    Give me a tell, if you know, ok?

  2. Is the dress next to the chanel necklace also chanel? The black, dark blue, maroon one? I like that one a lot. I saw it somewhere recently, I just am not sure if it were in an ad or somewhere I actually went. You just reminded me of how much I really want it.

    Also, real age bums me out. I am doing tons of things that are supposed to make me "younger" because it bums me out how old this thing is telling me I am. I'm tiny, and it's made me diet (not in the sense of losing weight) and I am thinking about running daily... Once the snow is gone.

    Are you planning on following any of their suggestions to become younger?

  3. You have a serious collection of awesome images, I might have to "steal" one or two... also thanks for featuring me :)

  4. you should get a account. i love your pictures!

  5. Thanks so much for linking my blog !! :D
    I love all the pictures you collect. Especially the 2nd from the bottom !