Saturday, January 3, 2009

z river~

i think this is our little weekend ritual. we get up sometime after 2 or 3, roll a couple joints, grab my camera, and head down to the river. sometimes the bb gun comes along.
keli is on a tadpole kick right now so we got about 9 more today. i dont know if it was the weed or what but i was in heaven down there. it is so pretty. so many chill spots. i kept thinking about fern gully. i wanted to be tiny and skip across the water, flutter around in the leaves. i wanted to be a fish. i was christa for halloween one year...good times. are the pictures :]

very serious stuff


  1. the tree collection....interesting..above that seems you are on some research ...good luck New Year wishes....

  2. i used to crawl down to nuuanu stream with my boyfriend. one time we were using one of those tall skinny pom iced tea glasses to catch catfish and tried to catch one of the big ones. it's head got stuck in the jar and we couldn't get it out and it's huge tail was flailing back and forth out of the glass. it was scary, which is weird. it's just a fish.

    we eventually got it out and it swam away.

  3. Awe! I am so jealous that you can do this all of the time! My boyfriend and I take walks sometimes with joints, but it has to be in the spring or cooler days of summer, or it just sucks.

  4. Yeah, I have the Polaroid maker. Just got it last night (had to wait FOREVER for a PC version). In! Love!