Friday, January 16, 2009


i was pretty freaking excited to find out that poladroid finally came out with a pc version. not super sure why i picked each of these photos to use but yup, here they are.

these first 2 are of my kitty lily. i shoulda named her lili, short for lilikoi, instead. or pia, PainIntheAss. but actually lily is short for princess tiger lily from peter pan, and thats pretty cool too.

cutieface sadiekins

the next 4 were taken at the boat ramp in lanikai. we were having a memorial service for my dads uncle who passed away recently. they paddled his ashes out to our family spot and dropped them into the reef. it was a really pretty day even though it was supposed to storm.

the new bubbler

kailua beach park the day of teianas party

my feet

cutie boyfriend in the river

self explanitory


i miss nana :/ shes holding pono when he was small.

im sure i'll be making plenty more.

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  1. Cute cat. I want those shoes.
    Thanks for the comment, Alissa! =]