Thursday, January 15, 2009

my girls are back!

calla and sadie are back for a month and im going to be watching them 2 days a week for a few weeks and then for the whole weekend at the end of january while britt goes to the big island or somewhere with her friends. i cant believe how long its been since ive seen them. and they are fucking cuter than ever! i was kind of worried that they'd be nervous around me at first but not at all. all day i was hearing 'i love you danny lissa' and 'danny lissa i missed you so much when we were in nevada'. awwww so so cute.

calla had this waiting for me when i came :]

unfortunately my battery was pretty much dead so the only other pictures i got of them were them playing jack in the box. they take turns taping each other into this box and then sorta pop out and say 'jack in the box'. only they say it with like no exclamation point at the end, totally dead-pan. its hilariously cute.

on the bright side, i will be seeing them a lot this month so i'll be able to get pictures of all their princess games, bike riding, and locking each other in/out of bedrooms. yay!

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