Friday, January 2, 2009

new years eve recap

i hate holidays. i just dont like them. clearly they are unavoidable. although some are easier to avoid than others, new years eve is not one of those. people have been setting off fireworks for awhile now, probably about two weeks. gearing up for the big day i guess.
of course as soon as i start recording they stop, but these booming fireworks had been going off for about 5 minutes already. they reverbrate all up and down the sounds so trippy in real life.

oh and now that i think about it, that video was taken the day before, on december 30th. moving, kel, and his friend went down to the river on new years eve evening. its so crazily pretty down there. i took a couple polaroids, kels friend shot at some tadpoles, and keli caught some. apparently we are now raising 5 little tadpoles.

we came back up to the house, set off a couple fireworks in the backyard and hit up the gravity bong. btw, i officially dislike it. burns my throat and tastes nasty. yeckk.

roaches, polaroid, trail mix. i is happy :]

the rest of the pictures are kind of...abstract. use your imagination. we moved to the front of the house for a little while.

hand held bottle rockets. not always a good idea.

around 11:30ish we drove a couple streets over to a friends house. they had the assload of fireworks.

oh and since when do poppers look like this?? totally miss the old style, twisted up paper balls..these are fun too though.

this could have been a much cooler picture.

right before midnight we walked up the street so we could see pretty much all of kaneohe. soooo smokey.

midnight explosions. i didnt want to miss out on the joints being passed around and everything so i kinda got the least exciting part on camera.

oh and haha i almost forgot. suuuch a stoner moment. i had been trying to catch these huge aerials that were going off and i could never catch them on time. i finally managed to, and then i realized i had been taking a video instead of a picture. which actually is a better idea anyway lol.

thank god we are done with major holidays for awhile.


  1. I wish I had tadpoles! I plan on buying some mini sharks sometime soon. I wish I had a lake though, where I could catch pets. Its been years since I have caught bullfrogs or tadpoles or turtles. I am living vicariously through you! Post lots of pictures!

    And thats really weird that poppers look like that now.