Sunday, January 11, 2009

more glass?

yep, we got a bubbler. i really like it. hits nicely :]

oh and i was up early yesterday morning because i had to go into town for a doctors appointment. the mountains were so nice, like they are every morning so i finally decided to take a few pictures. these were taken through my car windshield so they arent as clear and nice as they should be. you'll get the picture though. hah. hah. hah.

arghhhh. back to work tomorrow...


  1. Do you ever go to post comments and then it deletes itself? That's what just happened to me. But that bubbler looks insane. and so do the mountains. I am so jealous.

  2. I should really send you some episodes of bizarre foods. The halloween episode was the scariest thing I have ever seen.

    What the hell was on that plate?!