Wednesday, January 7, 2009

happy birthday teiana :]

my cousins daughter, teiana turned 7 the other day so they had a bbq thing at the beach from noon till like 3:30. i went down on my lunch break :]

somehow this is the only shot i got of teiana. i think she was running around doing her own little thing. shes in the pink tank top.

her little half-brother, pono. love him, he's so silly.

my other cousins son, wayland.

lol jonah, when he first got there. hes my other cousins son.

crazy little waikolu. scab on his eyebrow, food on his face. lol when i saw this picture he said 'i got food on my face' with kind of a puzzled look. then he picked it off and ate it saying 'its ok! its only chocolate'.

one of my sisters and pono. clearly contemplating something.

my mom helping jonah eat. hes a funny little guy.

he wouldnt look at me :/

kamohaiki really wanted me to get an action shot.

haha kanoe's entire plate fell on his head.

waikolu is at the 'why' stage. asks 'why' for EVERYTHING. i swear he had like 10 questions about that melted piece of gum on the tree.

yesss were related. i am so white.

after all this funness i had to go back to work! laaaaame.


  1. thanks, I actually bough them a couple of years ago, payless just isn't what it used to be anymore, so unfortunate :[


  2. These pictures almost look like what I saw on bizarre foods! Did you have poi? or lau lau (is that right or am I completely butchering it?)